Possible games/public builds

Let’s start this out with, don’t have any expectations.

Now onto the news. I may have plans to make a build for some games I plan to make and then post them on this site(game jolt and indieDB) for some feedback(because feedback is good for someone who has never really made a game).

"That’s a lot a plans?" You may or may not ask. Well yes it is hypothetical question that is more than enough plans.

Anyway, by plans I mean that I haven’t start anything/still working on at a ‘snail covered in molasses’ pace(because I haven’t developed a way to work efficient,fast or at all really).

I may have stopped developing to write some story for the maybe game/games, and also a separate story for the builds to test the concepts I have(I need to test them out and to see if they mesh together well).

So as anyone who has to make a concept build I may have to use other people’s assets, like people for example(and my own shitty programmer art) to actually make it quickly.

AND IF I may, possibly make this then I warn you it will not look good, or be a final representation of anything.

See/write you in the next post.